Blackburn Advisory Services


Mission & Purpose

To improve the health and sustainability of organizations so that they develop the capacity to inspire and thrive  strategically, operationally and financially in fulfillment of their specific purpose.


What Distinguishes Blackburn Advisory Services


Organizational health is a state in which leaders, individuals and teams maximize their potential individually and collectively.


BAS was established in 2003 with the explicit purpose of providing executive business leadership and their teams with results-oriented solutions through a sustained project oriented coaching program.  BAS provides professional critical thinking towards solving the often   unique strategic, operational and financial issues with which businesses are contending.


BAS has been doing this work for many years, long before coaching and outsourcing of team development came into vogue.  An experienced CEO with a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, Dr. Ann Blackburn and BAS focuses on business issues such as strategic planning, operational effectiveness, motivation and critical path processes that are necessary elements of successful businesses and the core duties currently facing entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Specific Differentiators

·                      Customized plan for each client

·                      Serves Senior Executives

·                      Seasoned CEO experience

·                      Professional facilitator of hundreds of meetings

·                      Action and Results driven process

·                      Doctorate in Organizational Leadership

·                      Depth of business model experience

·                      Private & Public Sector Experience

·                      Small Business & Corporate Experience